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Have your lunch delivered directly to your office!

No delivery charges, no tipping & no hidden fees. Bon appétit!

Not sure what to eat for lunch at work? Tired of eating at the same restaurant over and over again? Hate cooking at home?

Mealo can solve all your lunch related problems.

Join Mealo and never again worry about your lunch at work. By joining Mealo, you will receive our hand tailored daily menu every morning featured from some of the best local healthy restaurants around Vancouver. To place an order, simply reply to a text message and right around noon your lunch will arrive at your office with no delivery fee and no tips. The best part about Mealo is that everyday you're only faced with 3 options: a meat dish, a vegetarian dish, and a light-portioned lunch for the weight watchers. So deciding what to eat has never been simpler. Also, Mealo works entirely on text message or SMS. This means you will receive the daily menu by text, place your order by text, and get notified when you lunch arrived, you guessed it, by text.

Mealo meals are labelled with MEAT, VEG, or LITE so you can easily spot your meal without confusion.

So next time you're feeling hungry at work but don't want to put any effort into deciding what to eat and actually getting it, leave it all to Mealo!

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