• Mealocity for Corporates

    Become a corporate partner

    Accelerate productivity when time matters the most.

  • Use Mealo at your office

    An exclusive office lunch program that suits your needs

    Mealocity - Flexible Meal Program

    Flexible Meal Program

    Choose between different meal programs we offer and simply get started free with no subscription.

    Mealocity - Exclusive Mobile Application

    Personal Lunch Assistant

    Offer an on-demand SMS system for your employees engineered to simplify their daily routine.

    Mealocity - One-tap Order and Secure Payment

    Automatic Secure Payment

    Securely pay for employee lunch without the need to exchange cash or cards & leave the accounting to us.

  • Get started with Mealo today

    Mealocity - Register your company

    1 | Register your company

    Add your company to our database and we’ll get your team setup in minutes. It will run on autopilot from there on. You can also take advantage of our incomparable customer service.

    Mealocity - Manage your meal program

    Manage your meal program | 2

    Customize you meal plan and decide if you want to offer an incentive program to your employees. No matter how big your team is, we always have a unique product for you.



    Mealocity - Inform your employees

    3 | Inform your employees

    Finally get your employees to join your office on Mealo by registering using their company email address, and start enjoying healthy lunch from a wide variety of local restaurants.



  • What Mealo brings to your business

    Mealocity - Ultimate Flexibility

    Ultimate Flexibility

    Design your own meal plan for your employees

    Mealocity - Healthier Lifestyle

    Healthier Lifestyle

    Offer healthy meal options and incentivize healthier plans

    Mealocity - Improve Productivity

    Improve Productivity

    Eliminating wasted time during busy lunch hour

    Mealocity - Incentivize Meal Plans

    Subsidize Meal Plans

    Offer partial or full discounts on lunch to your employees

    Mealocity - Attract Talent

    Attract Talent

    Showcase the unique & cool abilities of your firm

  • Take advantage of our exclusive lunch program

    & offer personalized perks and incentives to your employees

    Mealocity - Exclusive Lunch Program

    Mealo is offered exclusively to our corporate partners as an incentive program for their employees. To use Mealo, you must first ask your employer to simply register the company’s domain address in our database and begin taking advantage of our hand-tailored corporate perks and services.

  • Become a Mealo corporate partner

    Reshape bad office eating habits & start promoting a healthier lifestyle

    Mealocity - Increase Productivity


    Of employees feel

    more motivated

    Genesis study shows

    Mealocity - Minutes Saved Annually


    Minutes saved annually

    per employee

    10 minutes /day x 252 days /year

    Mealocity - Employee Satisfaction



    satisfaction rate

    over 100 surveys taken

  • Mealocity corporate - manage your own growth

    Manage your own growth

    Providing incentives to employees is a proven method for improving productivity

    By becoming a member of Mealo, you're able to provide hand tailored services to your employees to improve the quality of employment while significantly increasing daily productivity.

  • Connect your office with Mealo & provide a healthy lunch solution to all your employees

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