• Daily Meal Plan

    Office lunch program designed for professionals.

  • Mealo office lunch program

    Simplify your life & never again worry about your lunch at work!

    Easy setup

    Register with your phone number and email for free and start receiving daily menus. To start the service, at least 20 people from your office must be registered members.

    Healthy menu

    Each day a single restaurant is featured from a healthy cherry-picked selection and three menu options are provided that includes: (a) meat, (b) veggie, & (c) lite.

    Convenient delivery

    Get notified once your meal arrives at your office labeled with your order. The service has no minimum order requirement, no delivery charges, no hidden fees & no tips. Bon appétit ♥

  • Daily menu

    Menu items are selected from some of the best local restaurants with diverse options for meat lovers, vegetarians, and light-meal fans

  • Mealo benefits & perks

    Take advantage of our exclusive benefits offered to our partnering offices

    ★ Eat healthier

    Get access to better quality food and have an easier and faster way of eating healthy so you no longer have to sacrifice quality for time.

    ★ Receive perks

    Take advantage of our exclusive perks and discounts from our partnering restaurants and cafés and & incentives from your employer.

    ★ Improve productivity

    Save time and increase productivity during the most precious time of the day by having your lunch delivered directly to your office.

  • Mealo service zone

    Daily Meal Plan is offered to offices located within the blue zone

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