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  • Seamlessly bring Mealo to your restaurant

    Expand your reach & receive direct feedback from your customers

    Mealo - Showcase your menu

    Showcase your menu

    to over 10,000 hungry employees during their lunchtime at work.

    Mealo - Receive orders instantly

    Receive bulk orders

    with no customization & hassle free right before the noon rush.

    Mealo - Serve more customers

    Increase your revenue

    by generating higher sales during the slowest time of the day.

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    Mealo connects your restaurant to hundreds of hungry employees

    By becoming a Mealo restaurant partner, you will get a unique opportunity to generate revenue before even the lunch rush begins. Mealo sends out your menu few times a week to a long list of corporate employees inside & outside of your restaurant reach. Through our targeted menu selection process, we're able to match your menu to the ones most interested. This will not only increase your sales revenue, but acts as a marketing campaign for your business.

  • Join us & modernize your services

    with no subscription, no commitment & no cost

    Mealo Restaurant - Attract new customers

    Showcase your menu

    Mealo showcases your restaurant to specifically targeted customers every week by sending your menu directly to their phones via text message.

    Mealo Restaurant - Avoid losing customers to long line ups

    Expand your reach

    Mealo enables you to offer your delicious meals to customers well outside of your normal reach through advanced logistic distribution for fast & reliable delivery.

    Mealo Restaurant - Keep your customers happy

    Keep your customers happy

    Make your customers love you even more by saving them valuable time & receive direct feedback from them right after they have their meal.

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